Adoption of Popcorn y Pikwik

Pikwik and Popcorn were living indoors with 6 other dogs. The person who kept them was very violent and every day he mistreated the dogs. One day the man entered the cage and started to beat them to death. A neighbour called the police but as they didn’t arrive, she went with a friend to try to stop him. When the police arrived they only found Popcorn and Pikwik alive, the man had killed the other dogs. Pickwik and Popcorn travelled from Malaga to the shelter. Popcorn had broken ribs, damaged eyes and his legs had distended ligaments. Pikwik also had broken ribs and bruises on his belly. We operated Popcorn’s eyes and for the rest we had to wait for the bones to heal.
They suffered a lot together and we couldn’t separate them because they needed each other. We didn’t think we could find a family that would take them both in, but we were lucky enough to find a couple that was willing to give love to the two little ones. The story of these little female dogs touched them and they wanted to offer them the opportunity to experience happiness together. Little by little, they have adapted very well, they sleep together, have a large garden, and go for walks in the mountains and at the beach. Pikwik and Popcorn are happy and together they can realise that it is possible to live with cuddles and a sofa for a nap.
A story that goes straight to the heart!