Would you like to help us by making a donation?

Financial contributions are a great help for the Bremen musicians family because they help us to cover all the expenses for our dogs, cats, donkeys, horses, turkeys, pigs, ducks, etc.

Be CONVINCED that your collaboration will be used in the most appropriate way and always for the benefit of our animals.


With a donation of 2€

With your donation of two euros, we can give a bowl of food to one of our dogs or cats. We will also be able to feed our chickens, our Vietnamese pigs, our turkey and duck.

With a 5€ donation

With your donation of five euros, we will be able to give two bowls of food to our horses and donkeys and buy a small bag of food for our dogs or cats. We will also be able to feed our chickens, pigs, turkeys and ducks several times.

With a 10€ donation

With your donation of ten euros, we can buy a large 20 kg bag for our dogs and cats, as well as for our horse and donkeys. We would also have enough food to feed our Vietnamese pigs, turkey and duck several times.

With a 20€ donation

With your donation of twenty euros, we can make A LOT OF THINGS! Buy food and materials for all the animals in our family. We know it’s a big effort, but it will really make a difference.

Other ways to donate

You decide how much you want to donate

"How to do it? "

Search in your Bizum Donate to an NGO
Search for “Musicos de Bremen” or introduce our code of NGO: 01638

Bank transfer

Contact us through the contact button below and we will give you all the details so you can make a bank transfer safely