What is the meaning of the name "The Musicians of Bremen"?

What is the meaning of the name “The Musicians of Bremen”? The Musicians of Bremen is a tale written by the brothers Grimm. We can identify with it, because the animals in the story are very diverse, help each other and live together in harmony. Summary of the story: An abused donkey that was about to be shot because it was too old, decides to escape and goes to live as a street musician in Bremen. Along the way, he meets a dog, a cat and a rooster who have fled from their homes due to similar situations, and they all join the group with the intention of creating a music band. At nightfall, the animals see the light of a house and when they approach it, they discover that it is a den of thieves. They frighten them by making them believe they were monsters and ghosts, climbing on top of each other and singing at the same time. After the group of friends has had dinner and is asleep, one of the thieves returns, but when he is attacked by all the animals at the same time, he runs away terrified, believing that witches and other dangerous beings live there. And the animals, happy, stayed in the house.